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Election Day 2019: Democrats Aim To Seize Control Of Delaware County Council For First Time On Election Day

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) -- Candidates are doing some last-minute campaigning while voters are double-checking their sample ballots. Tuesday is Election Day.

One of the big races in our area is the battle for seats on Delaware County Council.

This is an important election to see who takes control of the county's checkbook. For the first time in history, it could be the Democrats.

Democratic and Republican signs line busy roads and residential drives. Eight races will be decided on Election Day.

One of the most anticipated is the race for County Council.

"I believe that it's going to be a very historic night," said Colleen Guiney, chair of the Delaware County Democratic Committee.

The Republican County Council candidates are Kelly Colvin, Michael Morgan and James Raith.

The Democrats running are all women -- Christine Reuther, Elaine Schaefer and Monica Taylor.

Three of the five seats are up for grabs. Two of them are already held by Democrats.

Democrats Kevin Madden and Brian Zidek won their seats in 2017, which was also a first.

If just one of the three Democratic candidates win, they will control the council for the first time in history.

delaware county council
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Guiney says the Republican Party has historically unfairly held a stronghold over residents.

"I know people that were told that if you change your party, you can get constituent services, you can get the volunteer job, you can get the real job and that's not gonna happen anymore and the Democrats have never coerced anyone into our party. We don't need to. They want to be Democrats," Guiney said.

Tom McGarrigle, the chair for the Delaware County Republican Party, talked about what could be a historic election and Guiney's claims.

"That's a falsehood that I think they're going back 20, 30 years maybe, but that's certainly not the case today," McGarrigle said.

Delaware County Council oversees the hiring and firing of almost 3,200 employees. They also oversee the prison and human services.

Swarthmore College political science professor Ben Berger explains the reason for a potential change.

"What's brought it about to the possibility of there being a tipping point is really just demographic change," Berger said.

Berger says there are currently 30,000 more Democratic registered voters than Republicans.

Both Republicans and Democrats are optimistic heading into the election.

"We believe there's a real difference in the qualifications of our candidates and their candidates, and we feel extremely good about the election tomorrow," McGarrigle said.

"I'm hopefully optimistic but I don't count any votes until the polls close at 8 o'clock," Guiney said.

Polls are open in Pennsylvania from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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