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Dell Music Center partners with Philadelphia Youth Network to help teens focus on futures in music

Inspiring group of Philadelphia teens focusing on their future in music
Inspiring group of Philadelphia teens focusing on their future in music 02:06

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- An inspiring group of Philadelphia teens are focusing on their futures in music. People from all over packed the Dell Music Center to hear some of the most iconic acts. 

From the Isley Brothers to Charlie Wilson, but before these artists set foot on the stage, there's another group working to make sure everything is just perfect. 

Philadelphia Youth Network partnered with the Dell Music Center to employ teens as part of its summer work-ready program. 

"This is my second year," Jayson Reeder said. 

Sixteen-year-old Jayson and dozens of other youths spend their summer days working behind the music scene or in class. 

Facetta Green spends a few hours every morning teaching financial literacy and preparing these young minds for the real world. 

"Most recently they've been studying how to do bank statements, how to read their paystubs," Green said. 

Her best student is her daughter Amber. 

"Sometimes she wants me to be a leader and show people what we are supposed to do and what we are supposed to look like," Amber said.

Last summer, the group lost a member to gun violence.


"Ahmad, he started with us when he was 14 years old and he was killed in June," Green said. "He was a good kid. I didn't want to believe it, sometimes when the day gets hard it's not easy handling our youth."

Green says that's why youth programs are so important her daughter agrees. 

"Kids young than me get hurt, I can get hurt anytime at the moment," Amber said. 

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