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DelDOT Activates Snow Plow Tracking App Ahead Of Expected Storm

NEW CASTLE, Del. (CBS) --  "We applied salt brine to the roads today," DelDOT spokesman Jim Westhoff told Eyewitness News.

The Delaware Department of Transportation is getting ahead of the massive snow storm predicted to hit the region in the next couple of days.

450 salt trucks will soon be canvassing more than 13,000 lane miles throughout the state, and now you'll be able to track their every move.

"You can look at the plows in realtime and know where they are," Westhoff said.

DelDOT will activate its snow plow tracking app on Thursday, long before the first flakes are expected to fall.

By downloading the app, drivers will be able to trace in realtime the highways and state roads being tackled by salt trucks.

DelDOT officials hoping this will help drivers navigate a safer path.

"Our main goal is to keep drivers off the roads," Westhoff said.

"I think that's a great idea. Now you can see which roads have been treated," Delaware driver Mike Coulter said.

"I think it's great... now you know which route to go before you get out on the roads," Laurie Ferris, of Delaware, echoed.

While most drivers seem to be embracing the idea of tracing a plow drivers routes, others question its effectiveness.

"Snow plows are only allowed to plow state highways, so people are gonna see a plow near their neighborhood and expect them to plow their driveway and that's not how it works. So this app may make it even worse, I think," Delaware State Rep. Peter Schwartzkopf told Eyewitness News.

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