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"Delco: The Movie" spotlights Tom Jones Restaurant, "love-hate" relationship

Delco: The Movie draws on director's history in the region
Delco: The Movie draws on director's history in the region 02:00

BROOKHAVEN, Pa. (CBS) – Tom Jones Family Restaurant has been a Delaware County landmark for 50 years, and on Monday, it became the backdrop for a movie about the area. 

"Delco: The Movie" is directed by Chris Pierdomenico, an Aston native who teaches journalism and film at Oxford Area High School.

"The owners of Tom Jones very generously let us use this location to film," Pierdomenico said, "which meant a lot to me because I grew up going here with my grandparents."

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The movie's plot is loosely based on his own experience growing up in the area, he said. 

"I think it's just such a unique location," he said. "Everyone that's from it has a love-hate relationship with it."

Set in 2004, the movie tells the story of three teenage friends who shed their "Goody Two-shoes" nature for a day and get into trouble. 

"We're afraid that we may never get out of Delaware County," Pierdomenico said, "and so this movie kind of examines like, what's the worse fate — eternity in hell or eternity in Delco?"


The story has comedy, nostalgia and, of course, drama.

"I play Jess Peterson. She is like the Delco Devil, I guess," actress Jenna Kuerzi said. "Our lead character, Wayne, has his friend Adam on his shoulder, kind of the Delco Angel, and me, Jess, on the other side of the shoulder." 

The movie also features actor Brian O'Halloran from "Clerks" and Brian Anthony Wilson of "The Wire" fame. 

The owner of Tom Jones, Elani Andriopoulos, also makes an appearance. 

"I did not know that I was going to be a part [of the movie], so it was actually kind of fun," Andriopoulos said. "It was fun and exciting,"

More scenes are slated to be filmed in March, and the movie is expected to be available on Amazon late next year. 

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