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Delco dance studio offers program for people with Down syndrome

Delco dance studio offers program for kids with Down Syndrome
Delco dance studio offers program for kids with Down Syndrome 02:41

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. (CBS) - They're fueled by their motto "All for dance, dance for all."

"We teach all styles ... and all people," Twirl owner Sam Sinns said. 

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Sinns is a professional dancer, and one of his first gigs was as a wedding guest at Cinderella's wedding to the owner of Twirl in Newtown Square.

"I felt like it was time to pass on my wisdom and knowledge to the next generation," Sinns said. 

Sinns opened her dance studio in 2016. Now, Twirl has more than 400 students. 

But one unique program is tailored to students of all abilities.

"The very first class I taught in the studio was our Down syndrome dance class," Sinns said. 

The class is specifically for individuals with the genetic condition. There are now 21 dancers that meet every week, including Jayden Pappa.

"I love Sam so much," Pappa said. "He's a good dancer."

Pappa's grandmother, Joan Snyder, wanted to fuel her grandson's love for dance.

"I figured dance is a great way for exercise and moving around because he was a little chubby," Snyder said. 

"Hey! Drama queen," Pappa said jokingly. 

"The choreography for them helps their memory, gross motor skills, coordination, gets their heart rates up," Sinns said. "A lot of the activities start tapering off as they get older, so this is an opportunity for them to be involved to get exercise and have something that is just for them." 

Sinns says his goal is simple: be creative and provide a happy place where everyone feels welcomed and valued.

"Sam is terrific, his personality. It's like a family, it's everyone," Snyder said. 

"It's the best class of the week. We have so much fun, it's like an hour-long dance party," Sinns said. "They come in like everyone else, they learn like everybody else, and they perform like everybody else and that's how we roll."

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