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Delaware's Christina School Board President Explains 'Safe Zone' Policy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Delaware's Christina School District has adopted a resolution to make the district a 'safe zone' for undocumented students and employees but does not institute any measures to prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials from apprehending any individual they seek.

School Board President Elizabeth Paige explained to Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the intention was to put in place a uniform policy and that no one in the district will intervene in a situation to stop federal authorities from arresting someone in the country illegally.


"In the event that they would want access to students or employees that, now the process is uniform across all 29 of our buildings, again, we're not trying to prevent ICE from doing their jobs, it outlines the process that we ask them to follow. If they choose not to follow that process, the policy dictates that the building staff step aside and let them do what they want to do."

She said the policy is about ensuring students an education, not aiding criminal activity.

"The policy is not to prevent an imminent threat from being addressed. If there is an imminent threat, absolutely, we're not trying to protect criminals. If there is reason to believe that the safety and well-being of people within our building are at immediate risk, the policy is not to prevent action from being taken in those situations. Imminent threat is we come in with a judicial warrant, that's great. That's different from an administrative warrant. If federal officials come in with a judicial warrant, then there's an imminent threat in your building, this policy does not prevent them from coming in the building."

Paige added her personal politics did not play a role in her decision to support the measure.

"I voted in favor of it, not because I agree or disagree or wanted to be political with undocumented immigrant status at all. I'm upholding my responsibility to defend the rights of students and the Supreme Court decision says undocumented students have a right to a public education. I was not trying to be political in my personal vote. I can't speak for other board members and I did really agree with having a uniform process across all of our buildings for addressing such requests."

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