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Delaware River Turnpike Toll Bridge Closed Indefinitely Due To Cracked Truss

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- One of the main bridges in our area connecting Pennsylvania to New Jersey is closed after a crack was found in the steel below the surface, and now will remain closed until further notice.

The Delaware River Turnpike Toll Bridge will remain closed as officials try to figure out how to fix a cracked truss.

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An engineer overseeing a paint job found a fracture beneath the surface.

"This wasn't a crack that happened over time, it look likes it happened quickly," Carl DeFebo with the Pennsylvania Turnpike said.

DeFebo said if this wasn't found, it could of been disastrous.

"Worst case scenario could have been a bridge collapse."

He said they do regular inspections on the 60-year-old bridge, and now they need to make sure the damage doesn't worsen.

"Engineers have been doing some analysis of the bridge structure and also doing what we call 'surring' or temporary repairs just to stabilize the bridge.

Officials say, 42-thousand cars and trucks drive over it, daily.

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