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Delaware police investigating after four French bulldogs were stolen from Dover home

Four French bulldogs stolen from home in Dover, Delaware, couple says
Four French bulldogs stolen from home in Dover, Delaware, couple says 02:05

DOVER, Del. (CBS) — Police are looking for six people who they said broke into a home in Delaware and stole dogs.

A couple in Dover is heartbroken after they say four of their beloved French bulldogs were stolen while they were running errands Monday night.

"They were like our kids," Lyric Anderson said. "Honestly, we don't have kids, but those are like our kids."

The couple hopes to be reunited with the dogs — Pax, Londyn, Celine and Stormi.

Home surveillance video captured six people parking in front of their home, walking toward the back of their house, entering their backyard and leaving with the dogs through the front door.

Anderson and her boyfriend, Sam Schuman, said the group also damaged parts of their home and stole a PS5 gaming system.

According to Delaware State Police, at least one person was carrying an automatic rifle during the incident.

Footage from a security camera showing at least 5 people on the front porch of a home
Surveillance video shows people entering the couple's home

"When I pulled into the driveway, that's when they ran out the door, so it was scary for me," Anderson said.

Police said this is an ongoing investigation. As of now, they're looking into whether this group is connected to any similar incidents.

Anderson and Schuman said they've been breeding Frenchies full-time for four years and have seen the demand for the dogs grow.  

"Some people do prey upon those dogs, but I can't imagine preying upon a dog, preying upon someone else's dog," Schuman said.

Brandi Munden with the American Kennel Club said Frenchies, with their scrunched-up faces and pointy ears, have become a favorite among dog owners.

The breed has been the most popular dog breed for the past two years.

"I've seen them between $7,000 to as high as $10,000," Munden said. "They've gone up to $15,000. And the thing to remember is that it's not just about the dollar value. It's about the fact that the supply of French bulldogs is far below the demand for French bulldogs. Responsible breeders are not over-breeding their dogs."

Munden said that demand could be part of why there's been an uptick in thefts.

"They're not just dogs to us," Anderson said. "They're not just business to us. Those are our pets. They're our family."

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