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Delaware County Parents Issue Warning After They Say Son Was Placed On Life Support Because Of Vaping

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A local mother and father are issuing an emotional warning. Their son is on life support right now and they say it is because of vaping.

Kevin Boclair's prognosis is not clear. His parents are distraught and hoping for a miracle.

It's a message this Broomall mother never thought she'd have to share.

CDC Investigating Nearly 200 Severe Lung Illness Cases Linked To Vaping

"Imagine your best friend dead in a bed with tubes coming out of every possible place you could think of," Deborah Boclair said.

Her son Kevin now survives from day to day on life support. Doctors have told the Boclairs they suspect his critical illness was brought on by vaping.

"It's hard. You think this will never happen to me, and all the sudden I'm living it," Kevin's father, Len Boclair, said.

FDA Investigating 127 Reports Of Seizures, Fainting Or Tremors Possibly Related To Vaping

Len and Deborah are now hellbent on spreading word about what's happened to their 19-year-old son.

"There are so many of his friends that I love, I've known them since they were kids and I want them to stop. I want everybody to stop, be cause even the doctors will say they don't know everything about it -- it's newer," Deborah said.

Kevin ended up in the hospital nearly three weeks ago. A coughing spell triggered by asthma caused the formation of tiny holes in his lungs.

The Bloomsburg University undergrad's condition grew more dire some ten days ago. He was eventually transferred to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he is on a heart and lung bypass machine.

Vaping Just Once Can Change Body's Blood Flow, Study Finds

The Boclairs are gravely concerned about what doctors believe happened to their son.

"The doctors are saying the chemicals in the vape actually changes the tissue of the lungs and it gets damaged, and that damaged part actually scars up and it never gets better," Deborah said.

New Jersey Issues Health Warning After 9 People Develop Lung Disease Linked To Vaping

"I even know, as a nurse, he could die. So we are hoping it gets better, and I just want his friends to know and all these kids out there -- I could tell the parents, 'tell your kids don't do this,'" she said.

The CDC says there are harmful chemicals in vapes and e-cigarettes. They also say there is so much that scientists need to learn about these products.

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