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Delaware County Man Charged With Killing Neighbor After Allegedly Firing Up To 30 Shots With AR-15

EAST LANSDOWNE, Pa. (CBS) -- A Delaware County man is behind bars, charged with killing his neighbor. Police say he started firing with an AR-15, shooting into her home.

East Lansdowne detectives were back out on Penn Boulevard Tuesday asking people to check their surveillance cameras.

They're searching for angles they say shows a man named Yousuf Bahal firing an AR-15 as many as 30 times in the air.

Bahal is accused of shooting and killing his next-door neighbor through the window of her first-floor apartment. The bullet holes remain.

Detectives say 35-year-old Samantha Hill was likely checking on the commotion when she was struck.

Neighbors, many of whom were also at their windows as police say Bahal was firing off his weapon, described what they saw around 2 a.m. Sunday.

"We just kept hearing four rounds of what sounded like firecrackers or something and then we realized it had to be gunfire of some sort," Morgan Zartman said.

"From my vantage point, it was real dark over there, then when the cops showed up they lit everything up," Robert Jones said. "Then all I heard him kept screaming is 'I got a license to carry.' The cop goes 'I don't care. Get on the ground.'"

Arrest papers describe a bizarre series of statements.

Bahal indicated he believed another neighbor was coming and going from his home, and that the same neighbor was using a straw to blow smoke through an air conditioner into his house.

Those in this neighborhood were rattled by the details just coming to light.

"I'm scared now because my two kids is in the day care so yes, I'm scared," a woman said.

Bahal is being held without bail.

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