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Delaware County Lung Transplant Patient Undergoes Diaphragm Surgery

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The 10-year-old Delaware County girl who had two lung transplants in the last month underwent another surgery Tuesday.

Sarah Murnaghan underwent a procedure to repair her diaphragm at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. This is her fourth surgery since June 12th.

According to Sarah's mother, Janet Murnaghan, doctors say the surgery went well.  Following the procedure, Janet posted an update:

"Sarah is still mostly sedated, waking periodically in pain, so aggressive pain management is underway. She has one chest tube back in place.

Tomorrow we will start slowly weening vent settings. By next week I expect we will know whether her other muscles are strong enough to do the job of breathing after extubation or if she needs a temporary tracheostomy while we recondition her muscles. Praying she can do this without a trach.

So proud of her strength and determination. This is her fourth surgery since June 12 (1st tx, ECMO, 2nd tx and diaphragm plication).

Sarah and her two donors are my heros!"

If the diaphragm surgery is successful, they hope to try and remove Sarah's breathing tube again.

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