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Delaware County Cleans Up After Monday's Powerful Storms

By Tim Jimenez

HAVERTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- Cleanup this morning in Delaware County after severe summer storms left thousands in the dark, downed power lines and trees and damaged some homes and businesses.

At Milard Lane, which isn't far from West Chester Pike, huge tree limbs and power lines are down.

The house with the most damage is in the middle of the block. George Caroulis lives there and says he got a call from his wife who was with their seven-month- old son yesterday afternoon when the nasty weather rolled in.

"I got a phone call that there was a noise. She had called me from the basement actually and I said, 'well check it may be the umbrella on the deck.' And she called me back two minutes later, hysterically crying, and said both trees came down."

One tree onto the roof above the master bedroom, the other went through the dining room window.

Fortunately, he says his wife and son are okay.

Also about a few miles away, a 40-year-old silo at the Swiss Farms store came crashing down as well. No one was hurt there either.

The storms also caused thousands to lose electricity. Much of the power was restored by the morning.

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