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Defense Gives Up Right To Preliminary Hearing In Temple Student Brick Attack Case

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Three teenage defendants waived their right to a preliminary hearing -- the first test of the evidence against them in a vicious brick attack on a Temple student and her friend last month (see related story).

The defendants have been charged as adults, but the defense will challenge that.

The defense has conceded there is enough evidence, including video and statements, to hold the case at this point, but the victim was ready to testify to the very vicious attack.

"All of the girls continued to punch her and the young man she was with and one of them walked away from the group and picked up a brick from a nearby building and struck her several times in the head and face," Prosecutor Paul Goldman says.

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There have been no negotiations yet, and the defense attorneys wouldn't comment on the likelihood of a plea. They have said, however, they will move to have the case moved to juvenile court.

Two of the three girls are also charged in two other assaults.

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