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Defenders And Opponents Clash Over City's First Protected Bike Lane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- City officials proudly unveiled Philadelphia's first protected, one-way bike lane -- a ten block stretch through Penn and West Philly.

But opponents of the bike lane haven't given up.

Managing Director Mike DiBerardinis says the bike lane from 34th to 45th on Chestnut Street improves safety not just for cyclists but for everyone.

"The project introduces shorter pedestrian crossings, lane reduction for cars, which will reduce vehicle speed and weaving," said DiBerardinis.

DiBerardinis and other officials called it the way of the future. But as so often happens with change, some residents prefer things the way they are and councilwoman Jannie Blackwell says they've been leaning on her.

"I mean, I've tried to tell the streets department this and I'd like to make it a trial basis for three months," said Blackwell.

City officials say the $50,000 project is permanent, but Blackwell says she wants to introduce a bill requiring community input for future bike lanes.

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