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Deep Freeze: The Newest Cryotherapy In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- We took a trip into the deep freeze with Cryo-Therapy. People say it helps with everything from weight loss to pain relief. The newest Cryo-Therapy will officially open on Wednesday in Philadelphia.

We know ice is good for reducing swelling and pain, especially popular for athletes, but now instead of a bag of ice you can get a full body session of Cryo-Therapy.

The center, that's opening in Center City, has the newest technology. Jodie Riccelli got a quick blast of Cryo-Therapy where temperatures dip to 230 degrees below zero.

Riccelli said, "I've noticed my body changing tremendously." She has an auto immune disorder that causes fatigue, skin trouble and weight gain. She insists Cryo-Therapy has turned her life around and believes it has been a great remedy to help with just any kind of soreness, swelling and inflammation.

Liquid nitrogen is used to get temperatures down into the deep freeze. People wear boots and gloves, then get inside the cylinder for two to three minutes.

Dana Carrol is part owner of Cryo-Philadelphia, one of the newest in Center City.

Carrol said, "All your blood rushes to your core and when your blood rushes to your core it gets oxidized and when that cleansed blood goes back out to your peripheral tissues you feel relief from inflammation and pain."

Cryo-Therapy isn't for everyone, including people with high blood pressure and lung disorders and there are skeptics who say there's no proof it works.

Carrol said, "We say ask the people who use it. There's nothing better than finding people who are suffering, can't get up in the morning and they're hurting and they're saying I'm doing cryo-therapy and I'm doing great."

George Beatty said Cryo-Therapy has helped him recover from Pancreatitis and colitis, two conditions that had him hospitalized and treated with steroids, but that's all behind him now.

Beatty said, "Boy oh boy does it make you feel awesome. It kicks your adrenaline up, it feels amazing and I can't compare anything to it."

Cryo-Philadelphia says it has the newest technology that makes the cold sensation less shocking. Prices start at $55 a session, but there are also package deals available.

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