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Decorate The Table With Dogwoods

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - I was out pruning and cut a small branch I didn't intend to, and suddenly there were pretty pink dogwood flowers lying sadly on the ground! I felt bad, so I rushed to put them in some water and let them live a little bit longer since I'd taken them from the tree by mistake.

It was so nice to enjoy those dogwood flowers inside all week! And it was a great reminder that we don't have to limit 'cut flowers' to tulips or roses or bouquets of flowers you buy in a store somewhere. We can enjoy a lot of our prettiest trees as cut flowers too.

Be careful where you cut; it's good to choose an errant branch that needs pruning soon anyway. And you'll only need one or two small flowering branches to make a dramatic display in a vase.

Because, while it's wonderful to admire flowering trees from down the street or all the way across a yard, those lilacs, dogwoods, magnolias, cherries and so many others, are even lovelier to see and smell up close on your dining room table.

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