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Death Row Inmate's Last Chance

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A Philadelphia judge is expected to hear new evidence today in a hearing that could mean a stay of execution for convicted killer Terry Williams.

Earlier this week, a clemency board in Harrisburg refused to grant clemency to Williams. If Williams is unsuccessful today, he will be executed on October 3rd.

Terry Williams has spent nearly three decades behind bars for the brutal murder of Amos Norwood, a man defense attorneys claim had sexually abused Williams while he was underage.

Federal defender Shawn Nolan says they will present new evidence about what prosecutors knew at trial.

"The jurors have now come forward and said if they had known that evidence, they wouldn't have voted for death. And we are arguing that that should have been disclosed to the defense, it should have been disclosed to the jury."

Nolan says co-defendant Marc Draper will take the stand. He came forward in January saying he told the police and DA about the abuse. Andrea Folkles, the DA who prosecuted the case, will also testify.

The Philadelphia's District Attorneys Office declined to comment.

If Williams is executed, it will be the first non-voluntary execution in the Commonwealth in five decades.

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