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Days Away From Start Of Republican National Convention

By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - In campaign 2012, it looks like the GOP will whether a storm.

Here's is the situation as we approach the start of two weeks of convention madness....

Tropical storm Isaac, which many thought would disrupt the convention, is moving more westerly, which might mean only wind and rain on the first day of the GOP convention in Tampa, Fl. on Monday.

When it comes to polling, however, when it rains, it pours.

kane_larry tight
(KYW's Larry Kane)

Delegates from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware will arrive this weekend in Tampa with word they will have their work cut out for them.

An Allentown Morning Call Muhlenberg Survey shows Barack Obama up nine points in Pennsylvania.

Both the active tracking polls show a dead heat nationwide.

Chris Christie is speaking Tuesday night and his aides and the Romney campaign have put a lid on any leaks surrounding his anticipated Keynote Address.

Also, the Todd Akin story won't go away. He's meeting and assessing his situation in Tampa with his arrival drawing more attention to his rape remarks.

KYW Special Contributor Larry Kane will be reporting from both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions beginning next week in Tampa.

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