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Daybreaker's Purple Tour is celebrating civic engagement and getting people hyped up to hit the polls

Early morning rave to encourage voting kicks off in Chinatown
Early morning rave to encourage voting kicks off in Chinatown 02:46

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- What better way to get yourself geared up to hit the polls than by starting your day off groovin'?

It's being labeled as a creative way to encourage people to vote and build community. On Friday, Daybreaker kicked off its Purple Tour in Philadelphia's Chinatown neighborhood with yoga and then dancing all in hopes of getting people out to vote.

It's one of the first stops in their year-long effort to bring Democrats and Republicans together and infuse the electoral process with joy and unity during a time typically marked by divisiveness, according to the founder Radha Agrawal.

The Purple Tour reminds people that civic engagement is something we should be proud to be a part of and something we should even celebrate.

This isn't your grandmother's voting experience though. 

Here's what you can expect at the 2024 Purple Tour. Agrawal said a Daybreaker event is a three-hour-long experience beginning with one hour of yoga in an area filled with live instrumental music, like a calming piano. Once you're loose and ready to rumble, the next tour hours are an all-out dance party. 


After the yoga and dance party on Friday morning, dancers were met with two party buses and shuttled off the polls where a pole dancer and a hot breakfast were waiting for them!

Agrawal said the group's broader mission is to combat societal divides and loneliness through the power of community and shared joy and this year was the first time they combined that with politics.

The Purple Tour will stop in 18 cities, with its last stop in New York City. 

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