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Daughter Witnessed Her Mother Hit By Bus And Killed

By Elizabeth Hur

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) --- A retired teacher was hit by a New Jersey Transit bus and killed on Sunday afternoon. One of her daughters witnessed the horrific accident.

It happened just before 1pm on South Broadway, just off of Royden Street in Camden, New Jersey.

Police say it appears that Shambra Rollins, 64, was crossing the road to catch a NJ Transit bus, when the bus struck and killed her.

Shambra Rollins
(Shambra Rollins was struck and killed by a NJ Transit Bus Sunday. Photo provided.)

"She lost her leg, and her head was bleeding in the back," said Tomika Rollins, the daughter of the victim.

Rollins had trouble composing herself as she described what she saw happen to her mother.

"She was running for the bus," she said, "and the bus driver saw her hand go up, and she stopped, and then the bus driver sped up and ran a red light."

She said her mother was on her way to church when the accident happened.

Those at the scene described the accident as graphic and gruesome.

Audrey West, Shambra Rollins' niece, was shocked by what happened. "You see one person one day, and they are gone the next day," she said.

"She will be missed," said daughter Tamara Rollins. "Not forgotten."

The grieving family and friends say Shambra Rollins lived to make a difference. She taught special education for 35 years in South Jersey and Philadelphia.

She died just two years into her retirement, leaving her family heartsick.

"I just want justice to be served," Tomika said, unable to hold back tears. "I want the bus driver to know what she did."

Police say the investigation is continuing, and at this time they have not determined how the accident happened and if the driver will be charged.

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