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Office Romance Dangers: Experts Say Know The Handbook

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)-- A newly released email from Uber CEO's Travis Kalanick has many scratching their heads.

In the 2013 email titled "URGENT, URGENT - READ THIS NOW OR ELSE!!!!!" Kalanick lays out the rules and guidelines for employees who may have sex with each other on an upcoming work trip.

The email is now coming to light as Uber deals with a workplace discrimination investigation.

"You'd like to think that a company such as Uber which at the time had been around for a few years had a more formal policy other than that one email right before this outing," said Jonathan Rosenau, a Junior Partner at Freundlich and Littman. The Philadelphia law firm specializes in employment law.

Rosenau says company policy outlining employee relationships is vital to protect both the employee and the employer.

"Having a policy, a written policy is incredibly important," he said.

"You need to make sure your employees and managerial staff are well versed in the terms of that policy.

Rosenau recommends employees separate their work and private lives, but if that is not possible, make sure to know and understand the company handbook.

"Always be well versed on the policy. You want to make sure from all positions you're not doing anything that could place your job or company in jeopardy if you're in a managerial position. [You simply don't want to] harm anybody," he said.



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