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Darby Township To Issue Fines Over 'Saved Spots'

DARBY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) -- Big snow storms and limited parking is a combination that can lead to a whole lot of neighborhood feuds.

Now, in Darby Township, if you feel you have the right to reserve your parking spot, you could face a fine for hundreds of dollars.

You can't lay claim to a parking spot on a public street in Darby Township. If you do, you could hear from police.

"The law prohibits doing that," said Darby Township Police Chief Robert Thompson.

Putting in the work to dig out your car after a snow storm and then reserving that spot is a long standing tradition throughout the Philadelphia area.

That's how single mom Tiffany Ellison feels.

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She is frustrated and wants to fight the decision made by Darby Township commissioners Wednesday night to fine people like her $300 for saving their spot.

"It is going to be ugly. I was out between 12 and 1 a.m. digging," said Ellison, who marked her 'territory.' "Yes, my trash can is out now so when I get home, I can park in front of my door."

But for others, the new ordinance simply makes a whole lot of sense.

"A lady on Park had a rocking chair a week ago, still sitting there. I wouldn't mind if she was handicapped or had a broken leg you know, but it's ridiculous holding a parking space," said resident Anthony Chiaverini. "You are going to get a lot of arguments over this."

Thanks to two winters in a row where we've seen significant snow storms, arguments and frustrations over parking spots have been on the rise, according to Thompson.

"At some point, this can get serious or even tragic. I just felt we need to try and do things differently," Thompson said.

The township also passed an ordinance to fine people $300 if they shovel snow back out on to the street.

Reported By Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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