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Roxborough Man Arrested, Accused Of Manufacturing Ghost Gun Parts Using 3D Printer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia authorities have arrested a man they say was manufacturing ghost gun parts in the city using a 3D printer. District Attorney Larry Krasner announced the arrest of 36-year-old Daniel Whiteman, saying he was making parts for ghost guns.

Ghost guns are privately made firearms without serial numbers.

The DA's Office said investigators found a 3D printer in Whiteman's Roxborough residence.

They say they also found firearm-related supplies, including various ammunition calibers, gun oil and gun magazines.

The gun parts were brightly colored and even featured a logo, although they would not describe the logo.

"Upon execution of the search warrant on his phone, they walk in and see the 3D printer actually creating one of the firearms," said William Fritze, supervisor of the Gun Violence Task Force.

"This is what someone was able to do at home while obtaining the other parts through the internet, didn't even have to walk into a gun show," Krasner said.

Authorities believe Whiteman assembled at least six firearms before his arrest.

They also believe he sold one of them and that the transferred gun was later used in a shooting.

Whiteman remains behind bars awaiting a preliminary hearing scheduled for next Monday.

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