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Cycling Group 'Queens Rule Together' Is Racing Towards Gender Equality

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Call them road bike royalty. As a member of the cycling group "QRT" or "Queens Rule Together," Jenna Foley and her squad are riding towards a more inclusive bike community.

Cycling Group 'Queens Rule Together' Is Racing Towards Gender Equality

"Cycling can be a real individual sport so it's really special that we have found a lot of community, a lot of support for one another," Foley said.

Its mission is to help women of color accelerate the learning process and overcome the financial roadblocks when it comes to bicycles.

"We'll do free classes and clinics on how to change a tire, basic bike maintenance so you don't have to pay," Foley said.

CBS3's Matt Petrillo went along for a ride.

Petrillo: What's been the most special thing about joining QRT?

Foley: There were a lot of barriers for me when I entered this sport, and now I get to be a part of eliminating those for other women.

Queens Rule Together is an offshoot of another cycling group called "Kings Rule Together," a men's only cycling club.

"We were so intimidated until we finally had a queen's ride with all the women," Foley said.

For these queens, it's a great workout that boosts confidence.

It started with just four queens getting together during the pandemic here in Philly.

"And it really took off from there," Foley said.

Now more than 200 ladies have joined, some forming their own chapters.

"So we have local members here in Philadelphia, Delaware, Charlotte, Northern Virginia,we have some in Virginia Beach, we have some in LA," Foley said.

Queens Rule Together add their motto is "strength in numbers," and they encourage anyone interested in cycling to apply. For more information, click here.

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