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Crews gear up for whipping winds down Jersey Shore

Crews gear up for whipping winds in New Jersey
Crews gear up for whipping winds in New Jersey 02:04

VENTNOR CITY, N.J. (CBS) - It's been a wet and windy Wednesday down the shore. Response crews are gearing up for whipping winds that are expected to blow through the night.

Along the boardwalk, it stings every time a gust comes through.

You can see how powerful Mother Nature is by looking at the whitecaps in the ocean which looked very choppy in the afternoon. 

The American flag outside Ventnor City Hall whips in the wind, as two one-way metal street signs clank together again and again. Mother Nature shows her strength.

"On days like this really it is better for people to stay in unless it's absolutely necessary that they have to go out," Donna Peterson, with Ventnor Emergency Management, said.

Peterson says crews are standing by ahead of big gusts of winds that are expected to roll down the coast tonight. She also urges people to bring outdoor furniture inside.

"Anything that could be projectiles we ask that they could take in," Peterson said.  

Other parts of South Jersey also felt the strength of Mother Nature on Wednesday.  

Along the Atlantic City Expressway around noon, some spots on the road felt slippery.

Viewer video captured a vehicle that appeared to have careened into a median along Interstate-76 East, near Crescent Boulevard in Gloucester City, likely from ponding on the highway.

And over in Cape May, all-day blustery conditions rattled our rooftop camera as the mayor issued this reminder.

"Anything, especially anything that can fly away in the wind, put away and secured. I know the city of Cape May is in the spirit of Christmas. So if you have any Christmas decorations, make sure they're put away and secured," Cape May Mayor Zachary Mullock said. 

Many people who live down the shore say they'll also be hunkering down until Thursday morning.

"I'm about to stay in myself right now. I got myself a hot tea. I'm calling it a night," resident Bobby lyall said.

At this time no serious injuries have been reported. 

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