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Co-Working Space Moves Into Historic Building On North Broad Street

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A co-working space is moving into an old building on North Broad Street that is set to be part of the North Broad Street revitalization.

The building will be renovated within the next 18 months or so and open for business.

Developer Eric Blumenfeld says the co-working space will move into the Studebaker building at 667 North Broad Street.

"This was the car showroom for the Studebaker car and they actually built the vehicles upstairs. On the 3rd floor where we're standing you'll see what was a car elevator. All of this space was basically manufacturing back in the day."

Jennifer Maher, co-founder and co-CEO of Benjamin's Desk describes the reason they chose this building to open up a new office.

"It really started with the location on North Broad and everything that's happening in Philadelphia right now, and obviously focusing on this building. We really like to focus on historic buildings where we can really make it our own."

The building currently houses Starr catering offices. In addition to Benjamin's Desk, Blumenfeld sees other uses for the building.

"I envision the floor below is maybe going to be a gym and maybe put a pool on the roof!"

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