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Councilmember Bobby Henon Resigns From 4 City Council Committees After Conviction In Corruption, Bribery Trial

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Councilmember Bobby Henon has stepped down from his leadership role on four City Council committees just days after he was convicted in the high profile bribery and corruption trial, along with longtime IBEW Local 98 leader John Dougherty.

Henon sent a letter to City Council President Darrell Clarke on Wednesday saying he's resigning as Chair of the Committee on Public Property and Public Works, Chair of the Committee on Licenses and Inspections, Vice Chair of the Committee on Finance and Vice Chair of the Committee on Public Health and Human Services

Henon has not yet resigned from City Council.

Henon and Dougherty were found guilty by a federal jury on Monday of corruption and bribery.

During the trial, prosecutors argued that Dougherty kept Henon on the payroll of Local 98 to influence Henon's actions on City Council.

Henon worked for IBEW Local 98 since the mid-1990s and kept that job after being elected to City Council in 2011.

Dougherty has resigned from the union on Tuesday. Mark Lynch will now serve as the union's business manager.

By law, Henon does not have to resign until he is sentenced in February.

No one on City Council has yet to ask Henon to resign, but if he goes to jail, he will have to step down.

Mayor Jim Kenney also has not asked Henon to resign. He has a long relationship with Local 98 and Dougherty. He said unions should be allowed to lobby, just like any other corporation.

"The jury made a decision and Bobby Henon will make a decision based on what's good for his constituents and for the city and we'll move on," Kenney said Tuesday.

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