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Cosby's Attorneys Want Potential Jurors To Be Prescreened

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Now that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has decided where Bill Cosby's jury for his sex assault trial will be picked, his attorneys are weighing in on how that jury should be picked.

Cosby's attorneys have filed a motion asking 1,500 to 2,000 questionnaires be mailed out to prospective jurors in Allegheny County.

The state supreme court selected Allegheny County to supply the jury for the comedian's sex assault which is to begin in Montgomery County on June 5th.

Cosby's legal team says the questionnaire is "appropriate" and could "conserve considerable judicial resources."

It says other high-profile cases such as Martha Stewart, Scott Petersen, the Colorado movie theater shooter, and the Boston Marathon bomber used similar questionnaires.

They would be due back by May 15th and would allow the two sides to review who should be dismissed for cause before anyone is summoned to the courthouse for in-person questioning.

Prosecutors plan to file a response.

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