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Coronavirus Pennsylvania: President Trump Criticizes Pennsylvania For 'Moving Slowly' On Reopening State

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - President Donald Trump is criticizing Pennsylvania for "moving slowly" on reopening the state. In a tweet Monday Morning, the president blamed Democrats, claiming they are moving slowly for political reasons.

"The great people of Pennsylvania want their freedom now, and they are fully aware of what that entails," Trump tweeted. "The Democrats are moving slowly, all over the USA, for political purposes. They would wait until November 3rd if it were up to them. Don't play politics. Be safe, move quickly!"

This comes after several counties in Pennsylvania said they will move into the yellow phase of reopening on May 15, without an OK from Gov. Tom Wolf. Schuylkill and Lancaster Counties are among those counties.

Wolf warned that businesses that choose to open in defiance could be jeopardizing their insurance coverage.

On Monday, Wolf delivered a press conference on the state's reopening plan and addressed the president's tweet.

"Yeah, I don't know how you stay safe and move quickly. We're trying to move deliberately in Pennsylvania," Wolf said. "I'm not going to put up with any politician, anywhere in Pennsylvania, jeopardizing the lives of citizens of those counties."

Meanwhile, Bucks and Delaware Counties have petitioned the governor to move the counties into the yellow phase sooner.

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