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Coronavirus Latest: Shoppers 'Disgusted' Used, Disposable Gloves Being Littered, Left On Ground

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The coronavirus pandemic is adding to a Philadelphia problem as personal protection equipment is piling up in the wrong places. You've seen them just about everywhere you look outside -- used, disposable gloves being thrown out on the streets, on the sidewalks and in parking lots. They're not only a sight for sore eyes, but they're turning up everywhere.

Eyewitness News saw at least 15 used gloves just in this parking lot and the adjacent one across the street at Target in South Philadelphia.

The gloves are blowing around parking lots and getting stuck in bushes and carts.


The CDC is telling people to dispose of them in trash cans but some of these lots don't have any.

In addition to throwing them out, taking them off properly is another issue. Just wearing the gloves won't protect you if you're not disposing of them correctly.

Shoppers say they're frustrated not only by the carelessness of how these gloves are lining the lots, but of the effect it will have on the earth.

"I am someone who is totally disgusted by littering in general," Janet Christian said. "They're infected possibly and what the plastic gloves will do to the environment."

"Considering I can drive down the street and see people open their car door and dump all their trash, I'm not surprised at all, sadly," Ross Foreman said.

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The driver of a street sweeper truck told Eyewitness News he sees these gloves everywhere, and a doctor, who didn't want to be on camera, said this practice has to stop.

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