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Coronavirus Latest: Main Line Mom's Blog Helping Others Grocery Shop Safely With Critical Information

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- In a time of the coronavirus pandemic, grocery store customers worry not only about stocked shelves, but also about keeping the required social distance. Eyewitness News spoke to a mom who is compiling tips on the best ways to get the job done.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, trips to the grocery store should only be made if absolutely necessary.

Before you go, it's critical to have a plan. Luckily, one local mom has done some of the work for you.

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What used to be just part of the routine, a chore, an errand, now feels almost menacing.

"A lot of people will touch fruit to see if it's ripe. That's not OK these days," director of the Delaware Division of Public Health, Dr. Karyl Rattay, said. "Don't shop with your hands but shop with your eyes."

Shoppers are responsible for keeping their faces covered and their distance from others. Stores themselves have been tasked with enforcing safety measures and keeping stocked.

"There were so many things that people couldn't find," said Bridgid Burkert, author of the blog

The early challenge of supply and demand served as inspiration for Burkert, who realized that her friends were sharing tips on which stores were stocked with what items.
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"So, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to consolidate that information," Burkert said.

With her finance background, Burkert added an essential store dashboard to her blog, where users can find the wait time to get into local stores, their crowd level, social distancing and inventory info.

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It's all submitted by fellow users.

"It's helping people find what they are looking for but it also helps with preventing people from having to go to multiple stores to get something that they need and having that exposure risk," Burkert said.


The store dashboard has only been up for about a week and already has 1,000 users.

An app will be launching soon.

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