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Coronavirus Cleaning: Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Look At Technology Used To Clean Potentially Contaminated Areas

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) -- Cleaning crews are dealing with a heavier workload during the coronavirus pandemic as they head into potentially contaminated spaces. CBS3 got an exclusive look at the technology used to get the job done.

Coronavirus can survive on some surfaces for weeks.

As the number of positive cases continues to increase, Eyewitness News got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at one company that uses specialized technology for its deep cleaning.

The Commerical Cleaning Corporation takes pride in disinfecting areas exposed to coronavirus.

"Once we know exactly what area the person has been in, from top to bottom we wipe everything down and sanitize it," Andrew Rosen, with the Commercial Cleaning Corporation said.

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They then trace wherever that person has been and thoroughly clean those areas, wiping with a disposable cloth to remove debris, then hospital-grade wipes that kill bacteria in as little as 30 seconds.

The added benefit of an electrostatic machine is that it wraps around any surface to trap and kill viruses and bacteria.

"It puts a positive charge on all the molecules that come out of the machine. When you shoot it, it attracts to all the negative ions and wraps itself around," Rosen said.

With over 16,000 positive cases across the state, there is concern on how to control coronavirus.

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With hazmat suits on, the team currently works with nursing homes and other businesses that need to stay open.

"We do not have to come back a second time when we add the electrostatic machine," Rosen said.

The electrostatic machines are said to be very effective and the same goes for their hospital-grade wipes.

Right now, those wipes are just about impossible to get so they're using whatever they have in stock.

Additional machines are on backorder until the summer.

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