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"Corn Maze Guy" Uses Technology To Build Advanced Corn Mazes

By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Pumpkins, gourds and corn mazes are all signs of fall, along with the Market at DelVal in Doylestown opening their maze to the public this past weekend.

Don Watts is the "Corn Maze Guy" and he has created corn mazes since 1989.

He's made a variety of designs and charges anywhere between $900 to $3,000.

Farmers come to him in the beginning of the year and the corn stalks are cut in the summer.

This year, he cut 52 mazes all over the country with the help of technology.

"We hook up our GPS antenna to the top of the mower and then using a hand held computer similar to this we display the design here then it's just a matter of following this design with the mower and cutting it into the field," Watts says.

Watts has been creating corn mazes in this three acre field for years.

"The path is about five feet wide and the corn stalk is 13 feet talk but the process starts when the corn is about a foot high."

"We like to cut it so that there is a little bit of stubble left and then the corn just needs to grow up and the maze is ready to go."

The market is associated with Delaware Valley College, hence the theme.

Robert Arcidiacono, Manager of Market at DelVal says, "If people come to participate in out fall activities, we try to kick back to the school and to the students to try and help them with their education."

Don't be scared if you feel like a needle in a haystack in a corn maze, the pros do too!

"I have embarrassingly enough," Watts admits.

Robert adds, "I get lost all the time."

If you would like more information go to or you can visit: Don Watts, Corn Maze Creator: and Corn maze at Market at DelVal: 

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