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Corbett Expected To Sign Key Element Of Nutter's Property Tax Initiative

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) - Governor Corbett is expected to sign legislation headed to his desk that would authorize a key element of Mayor Nutter's property tax reform plan, the so-called "Actual Value Initiative".

The final hurdle for the measure was a vote in the House Wednesday night, and Philadelphia Democrat Michael O'Brien tried and failed to derail the bill with a series of parliamentary maneuvers.

"They want the highest property tax increase ever in the history of the Commonwealth."

Fellow Philadelphia Democrat Curtis Thomas said he was willing to accept assurances that those kinds of increases won't happen and vote for the bill, but added...

"I'm prepared to fight, fight, fight if this issue turns into a windfall for the city."

The mayor's plan will result in higher assessments for properties in the city. The bill passed by the House and sent to the governor will allow the city to lower the millage rate to offset those assessment increases.

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