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Corbett Again Defends His Earlier Handling of Penn State Child Abuse Probe

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett lashed out at reporters today during a question-and-answer session about the Freeh report on the Penn State child abuse scandal (see related story).

Corbett was asked again about the pace of the investigation that began when he was attorney general.

His reponse:  "Why are you all obsessed with that?"

Corbett was asked whether the conclusions of the Freeh report on Penn State's handling of the Sandusky case have prompted him to consider whether he would have done anything differently while attorney general.

"We do not hold up investigations for anything. You are disparaging the reputation of the men and women in that office," the governor replied.

Corbett said to continually pose questions about the pace of the Sandusky investigation is "out of line."

The governor declined to comment specifically about the findings of the Freeh report, saying he had not yet read it.

And when asked about how it may affect the legacy of iconic coach Joe Paterno, Corbett also said it's not his job to analyze that.  But, referencing Paterno's own comments, the governor said, "He wished he would have done more, and so do I."

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