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Cops: Dad Charged With Murder In Shooting Death Of 4-Year-Old Daughter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police are releasing more details after a four-year-old girl was allegedly shot and killed Saturday by her father.

Authorities say an initial investigation revealed that Tahirah Phillips was in the front bedroom of the home with her father, Maurice Phillips, and her siblings ranging in age from seven months to 13-years-old.

Police say the children were watching television and playing when a single gunshot was heard and Tahirah Phillips fell to the floor with a bullet wound to her head.

Authorities say Phillips was carelessly waving the gun around at the time of the incident.

The other children were upset and began yelling when police say Maurice Phillips got off of the bed where he was sitting and struck his five-year-old daughter with a closed fist and wiped the blood from his hand onto her shirt.

Police say he then picked up Tahirah and carried her into another room and called his fiancé, telling her to come home.

Authorities say when she arrived he followed her to where Tahirah was lying. He then changed clothes and fled the residence, police say.

Maurice Phillips turned himself in to 24th District personnel and was transported to the Homicide Unit. Police say he initially denied responsibility, but later told investigators what happened.

Police say he was arrested and charged with third degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, endangering the welfare, recklessly endangering another person and related charges.

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