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Delaware Senator Chris Coons: Let Robert Mueller Conduct His Investigation

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Delaware Senator Chris Coons spoke with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during last year's presidential election, saying he trusts the former FBI Director's judgement to lead a fair and thorough inquiry.

"I'm going to leave to Bob Mueller the definition of 'related to.' If it turns out, and this is the fact pattern that's discussed a lot, if it turns out that Paul Manafort, who was the campaign manager for President Trump, received millions of dollars of inappropriate or unreported payments from a Kremlin affiliated Ukrainian strongman for example, that strikes me as related. You've got a senior campaign official, you've got unreported potentially illegal payments. If that's what the FBI is after, that strikes me as potentially related."

He still believes a wide range of findings exist in what exactly Mueller's team could find.

"It is entirely possible that what comes out of this investigation is nothing. It's entirely possible that what comes out of this investigation is indictments of a constellation of people who were, at some point, affiliated with the presidential campaign, but whose conduct didn't affect the outcome of the presidential campaign. And, it is possible that what comes out of this is some proof of some coordination or collusion between the presidential campaign and the Russians."

Coons stated he is actively working to ensure Donald Trump doesn't preemptively fire Mueller or impede the investigation before it is finished.

"Two bills got introduced right before we left. Senator Booker and Senator Graham introduced a bill and I joined Senator Tillis in introducing a bill. They're very similar. They essentially make it harder to fire a special counsel without cause. They either provide a judicial review before he can be fired or a judicial review and reinstatement after he's been fired. It's my hope that we'll work together when we come back into session and craft a bipartisan bill."

He also commented on Attorney General Jeff Sessions decision to recuse himself from overseeing the case, telling Stigall that Sessions participation in the matter is also still being determined.

"I would be very surprised if Jeff Sessions was involved in any collusion with Russia, but I don't know that. Let's be clear about what I'm saying. I think Robert Mueller is, he's a Republican who was appointed by a Republican, he is a seasoned, senior federal law enforcement official. He ought to be allowed to conduct this investigation to its conclusion."

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