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Controlling Diabetes With Gastric Bypass Surgery

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There is yet another study talking about the importance of gastric bypass surgery in helping reduce the rate of diabetes in those were obese.

According to the report in the journal American Medical Association, adding gastric bypass to intense lifestyle and medical management has continued to show improvement in reducing blood sugar and ultimately reducing the risk of heart disease.

According to the American Diabetes Association, this is now the third controlled study with five-year follow-up that has shown the value of this surgical procedure.

But what does this mean for most of us?

Essentially it drives home a very important point that if you are someone who is at risk for diabetes, or has already been diagnosed, losing weight and exercising have a dramatic impact, and we can see this because the large amount of weight loss that is the result of bypass surgery can virtually eliminate the diabetic issue for many.

Lesson here is we have to watch our diet and exercise to reduce that risk.

This is something that does not have to happen to many of us.

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