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Contractor Convicted In Market Street Collapse Has New Support In His Corner

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP is voicing support for Griffin Campbell, the man convicted in the fatal Salvation Army building collapse.

While the civil trial is currently in progress, Rodney Muhammad with the NAACP is already thinking about appealing the criminal convictions against demolition contractor Griffin Campbell.

"He had no authority to shut down the work site. He had no authority to tell everyone to stop work. He was an operative. He did what he was told."

Attorney Bill Hobson says Campbell was following orders from the building owner and building architect. Hobson is working to be Campbell's court appointed attorney for the appeal, but that's far from a done deal.

"I'm reaching out to the Philadelphia legal community for help, for help on this appeal. This is an appeal that needs to be heard."

Campbell's family also spoke out, saying it's prejudice that the only people prosecuted were two black men.

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