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Constitution Center Hosts '50/50 Day' Discussing Gender Equality

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Encouraging women to participate in leadership roles around the world was the main topic of a panel discussion held in honor of "50/50 day."

A panel discussion was held at the National Constitution Center on gender equality.

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Organizer Lynn Yeakel says it was part of "50/50 day" in which 11,000 groups around the world participated in a conversation about creating a more gender balanced world.

When asked "Why would people that are in power choose to give that up?"

Yeakel explained, "That is the question. Getting to the goals that their company has or their government has. They will do better, and there's a lot of research to support this, that companies with more women involved and more diversity of opinion have better bottom lines."

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Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown participated in the panel discussion. She says she'd like to see more women in government.

"If women are not at the table, then you're on the menu, and if you're on the menu, most often that which is being discussed is not in your best interest," she said.

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