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Conservatives Critics Blame Obama, Clinton For Rise In Terror Attacks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Conservative pundits blamed President Obama and Hillary Clinton for establishing a climate where domestic terrorists have freedom to operate following attempted attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.

Author of While America Slept, Robert C O'Brien, who spoke with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, believes federal authorities are not willing to confront the threat.


"We've reached this peak political correctness that now prevents us from even identifying our enemy. Our enemy is Islamic extremists, these terrorists that are fighting us around the world and, sadly, the fight has come here to America: Orlando, San Bernardino, Minnesota, New York, this weekend, New Jersey. President Bush used to says we're fighting them there, so that we don't have to fight them here. Sadly, this lead from behind foreign policy of President Obama has led to us actually fighting them here, but it's politically inconvenient to acknowledge it. It's sad."

Stigall also spoke with John Hayward from Breitbart, who thinks the media are complicit in acquiescing to the administration's narrative describing terrorism by blaming Donald Trump.


"You're going to start getting all these hot takes from the media that are going to be, hey, Trump caused this. His rhetoric caused this. If it wasn't for Trump, this guy wouldn't have stabbed people in that mall, this guy wouldn't have set bombs at the 5k races. Trump caused all this by shooting his mouth off. I knew they would do that because that's the Clinton campaign narrative. That's going to be what frames the media coverage because that's the way she wants to flip this around and I think it would be crazy for the country to fall for this, crazy to the point of suicidal insanity to believe that out of Hillary Clinton or to put her in charge after Obama policy has brought the world to this. We didn't have this before Obama. Can we be honest about that? We didn't have these monthly attacks. We weren't going through this. We didn't have these shootings, cop shootings all over the country. This is all Obama. This is all on his watch and it would be insane to put Hillary Clinton in there to have more of the same and bring the world even further to the brink of utter madness and chaos."

O'Brien said the White House should be more open and honest, instead of keeping the public in the dark about what is happening.

"The administration treats the American people like they're children. They suggest that attacks where somebody is yelling Allah Akbar and stabbing folks in a mall in Minnesota or declares themselves a soldier of Islam or that sort of thing, they trot out words like it's motivated my mental illness or things of that nature. It's just treating the American people like they're children and can't understand the truth."

Hayward added that we should stop accepting refugees from countries actively fighting wars against terrorism.

"It's a numbers game, when you can't vet or security profile people. You can't. You can't vet the people that come from war torn countries, these dictatorship nations. You can't security vet any of those people in any meaningful way in any great number of them. So when you bring tens of thousands of them in, and start resettling them across the country, you're building a pressure cooker of a problem. The guy in New Jersey, he was an Afghan expatriate. These countries some of these people are coming from, Trump is right about that, it's not being a Muslim, it's which country you come from that should be the point of concern. Some of these countries are very dangerous places, cauldrons of violence."


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