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Conservative Columnist Malkin: Little Recourse For Employees To Stand Up To 'Big Labor'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chris Stigall talked to syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about a rally Americans For Prosperity are holding in Harrisburg to support the Paycheck Protection Act.

Michelle Malkin

The law, if instituted, would halt the automatic collection of union dues from public sector employees.

Malkin says she believes unions only oppose the Paycheck Protection Act because they see it as a threat.

"They fear the freedom to opt in or out of this racket, which is really what it is. Big labor has deep pockets because they are able to grab the dues, forcibly, of their own union members, who in many cases, of course, oppose the politics of their union bosses. To expose that scheme would, of course, be the death of a lot of these public unions' organizations," she said.

She stated that this is one way employees who disagree with their union's agenda can make their voices heard.

"There's very little recourse for public union employees who want to go up against their big labor bosses. That's one of the myths that a lot of these bosses will say in defense of this scheme -- 'Oh well, there are ways to get out of it.' Oh sure, in a room where you're sitting with people that have figurative, and maybe even literal, brass knuckles. The kind of ostracism that comes from opposing big labor bosses is huge," Malkin said.

Malkin also shared her opposition the Common Core curriculum standards in public schools.

"Common Core is really just the latest morphing and iteration of progressive poison in the public school system…There really is no immunity or safe sanctuary from Common Core and its ilk. It's not just in the public schools. It has seeped into the private schools, into Catholic schools and religious schools that you think would know better, and even home schoolers are not completely protected from it," she stated.

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