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Conditions Were Perfectly Peachy For This Bumper Crop In New Jersey

NEW JERSEY (CBS) -- This summer, peaches are plentiful in the Garden State.

Rutgers professor emeritus Jerry Frecon says growing conditions this year were perfectly peachy.

"We didn't have the spring frosts on some of our farms, so we have a full crop of peaches comparative to normal, about 55 to 60 million pounds," he said.

Whether you buy peaches at the grocery store, the farmer's market, or pick your own, Frecon suggests you follow one simple rule to make sure the fruit is at its best.

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"Don't put peaches in the refrigerator until they start to get a little soft, because you can injure them," he said. "I've seen that too often with peaches and tomatoes."

Ironically, Frecon says the stone fruit may too luscious for its own good.

"One of the things that I think hurts peach consumption, is a lot of peaches are so juicy, I don't think a lot of people buy them because they're too sloppy to eat," he said.

That means more peaches for thee -- and me.

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