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Concerns Raised Over Damage Done To Field During Made In America

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - City Council members are worried that this summer's second Made in America concert on the Ben Franklin Parkway will result in major damage to a nearby ball field. The Nutter Administration says not to worry.

Councilman at large Bill Greenlee, who lives in the Fairmount section of the city, says the Von Coln Ball Field got ripped up plenty during last year's Made in America festival.

"With all the equipment on there, the field was pretty much destroyed," he explains.

The field has since undergone a $300,000 renovation that had been already planned prior to Made in America.

But because of the pricey makeover, Greenlee along with Council President Darrell Clarke -whose district includes that area - wants the field held off-limits to Jay-Z and friends this year.

"If that field is used again, as it was this past time for Made in America, it would be a disaster for that field. It would basically just destroy it again, and all that good city money that was put into it was wasted after just one year," says Clarke.

Greenlee stresses that he is not opposed to the concert, only to the use of the field.

"I think it will be a great event for the city of Philadelphia, but should not be at the expense of this field and the people who use it," he says.

The mayor's spokesman, Mark McDonald, says Von Coln Field will be used during the concert, but in a far less taxing way than last year. He says there will not be a huge tent, nor will heavy vehicles be allowed.

Instead the concert organizers will use the field for small tents and picnic tables on the perimeter of the field and, McDonald says, organizers will be held responsible for any repairs that the field may need after Made in America is complete, with a security deposit held by the city.

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