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Computer Simulation Predicts Seahawks Over Broncos, 24-21

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)  – The Seahawks and the Broncos will only play once for the title of Super Bowl champion. The game won't be played on a computer, but on the field. But that doesn't stop people from trying to guess what will happen on the field, with what happens in a computer simulation.

Prediction Machine's Predictalator ran a simulation of Sunday's Super Bowl 50,000 times, and found that the most likely score has the Seahawks beating the Broncos, 24-21.

Of the 50,000 simulations, the Seahawks won 54.8% of the time, and the Broncos 45.2% of the time.

The Broncos are currently a 2.5 point favorite at most sports books.

Though the Seahawks came out on top more often, the Broncos edged them out in most offensive categories. Notching 331 total yards to Seattle's 327, and 229 passing yards to the Seahawks 209. 229 yards however, would be a substantial drop for Peyton Manning during his record-setting season. The Seahawks did have the edge in rushing yards, at 117 to the Broncos 101.

The simulations also predict individual stats. Peyton Manning averaged 241 passing yards, throwing 1.9 touchdowns and 1.1 interceptions.

"Since Week 2 of the NFL season, the Predictalator's projected Super Bowl every week was Denver vs. Seattle. To add to that, both of these teams were more than 50% likely to make the Super Bowl for all but two weeks in that stretch as well, a feat rarely seen by any team in any week before the playoffs started in the last decade (let alone two teams consistently)," Prediction Machine's Paul Bessire writes. "This is the best Super Bowl we could have this season and it may be the best matchup of NFL teams in the Super Bowl in the league's history. Not too surprisingly, the spread on this game has stayed below a field goal and has, at times already, favored either team."

For a complete rundown of the simulations, visit Prediction Machine.

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