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'No One Should Die Alone': Community Joins Together To Honor Army Veteran With Dignified Burial

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS)-- Dozens of strangers came together to honor a veteran who died with no record of any living relatives, with a dignified burial. The 94-year-old Army veteran received an honor escort after hospital staff and other local veterans made sure his service to our country was not forgotten.

The somber procession was led by the Warriors Watch Riders, from Riddle Hospital to Media Cemetery.

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"As a military support organization we do these escorts, because the people do not have somebody to escort them to their funeral," Tom Manning, from the Warriors Watch Riders, said.

Louis Signorelli had no known family members when he passed away, but on Monday he gained a family.

"Since the gentleman doesn't have any family, we need to be his family to show our respect," Manning said.

"I just believe no one should die alone, so this was a collective effort with Riddle Hospital staff and administration," hospital spokeswoman Shelly Nix said.

Signorelli will be laid to rest at Media Cemetery.

"Louis Signorelli is not alone, he's surrounded by many friends, he's surrounded by fellow veterans, he risked his life," one man said.

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There was no lengthy eulogy, no known beginning story to accompany the veteran, but there was a dignified ending to honor a man who served his country.

"It is a privilege for us to provide Mr. Signorelli his final, rightful ceremony and resting place," hospital president Gary Perecko said.

The Warriors Watch Riders do these honor escorts on a monthly basis as they serve as a support group for all of those veterans who have served.

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