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Comcast To Begin Encrypting Basic Cable Signal

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Comcast is making an important change to its basic cable signal.

It's not happening in the Philadelphia area yet, but Comcast is beginning to encrypt basic cable.

"They will have to send fewer technicians out if something goes wrong because they can remotely service these boxes, but it's also about them preventing people from stealing cable."

Janko Roettgers with the tech site GigaOM says those who plug right into the wall to get their cable signal will have to get a converter box.  Comcast says few customers are affected.

"I think many people have a more expensive cable bundle and then maybe have another TV in their living room, den, bedroom, or maybe the kitchen, and they don't bother renting another set-top box for that TV set, and just plug it into the wall."

They'll be able to get a free converter box from Comcast for a limited time.

For more information on the change, click here.

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