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Column: Stormy Weather Observations

By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- This storm was one that really brought our entire region, including the Jersey Shore, into play. My first observation involves Governor Chris Christie and Margate, New Jersey. Christie did the right thing and returned home from the campaign trail and his usual stellar job in leading the state response. Unfortunately, Christie launched on Margate for not following his plan to have dunes around the entire state to prevent flooding from storms. I think the flooding came from the bay and Margate has a right to protect its town with their bulkhead system.

In Pennsylvania, the response was fair. I'm not sure that people being stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for 13 hours is a response that went exceptionally well. In fact, PennDOT doesn't expect to have many roads open until Tuesday.

Closer to home it was expected and good to see that Uber was operating when other public transportation essentially was not. It underlines what a great innovation this service is. Of course, there is a growing chorus of those in Philadelphia who want cars and buses to disappear from the center of Philadelphia. We heard this before during Pope Francis' visit and it is delusional.

Finally, a good number of kids knocked on my door and were walking through the neighborhood asking to shovel snow.That's a good thing every time I see it.

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