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Colorful Display Of Unity Against Bullying In Philly Schools

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A lot of people at school headquarters were wearing orange on Wednesday, as the district marked Bullying Prevention Month.

A Central High School senior at the district's Unity Day ceremony spoke of being bullied as a 10-year-old.

"That monster attacked me," he said, "and etched his name into my bones: B-U-L-L-Why?"

Then, ballet students from the High School for the Creative and Performing Arts interpreted how a student who just wanted to read a book was bullied by peers. Superintendent William Hite says the students have been reporting bullying on the district website.

"It gives us an opportunity to come in and do mediation and come in to resolve conflicts," Hite said. "But to also come in and support individuals that may be the victims of bullying."

The dancers - and many staffers - wore orange as a show of unity against bullying.

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