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College Student Captures Every Day Of His Freshman Year On Video

By Chelsea Lacey-Mabe

CHERRY HILL (CBS) -- Remember meeting your college roommate for the first time? Pulling all-night study sessions? Eating at the cafeteria for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

The college days are harder to recall with each passing year but that won't be the case for Mike Genovese. The Cherry Hill native took a one-second video for every day of his freshman year at Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech 2015-2016, One Second Every Day by Mike Genovese on YouTube

Some of the clips include putting golf balls in his dorm hallway, doing homework, watching movies, playing video games and attending classes.

And it's clear that Genovese stayed up-to-date on Philadelphia sports despite being more than six hours away from home. At 1:46 into the video, Genovese is watching the Eagles, Villanova's NCAA championship game can be seen at 4:43 and Flyers are up in the third at 5:03. Carson Wentz even makes an appearance at 5:13 for the NFL draft.

The most memorable clip for Genovese though was just shy of the video's five-minute mark. On April 16, Genovese and friends ran into Lane Stadium for a 3.2 mile run to honor the 32 students and faculty killed in the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting.

"It's a was a very emotional weekend for the community and to see over 10,000 people come from all over to run a 5K together at Virginia Tech was really special," said Genovese, explaining the tradition of "reaching for excellence" by tapping the Hokie Stone hanging in the tunnel.

As a Hokie himself Genovese says he plans to do more videos for each of his remaining college years.

"It was a lot of fun to do, especially since I was the only one who knew it was going on all year," said Genovese, who will be studying Aerospace Engineering when he returns for school in the fall. "I think it will be a lot of fun now that my friends know why I'm recording videos and they will try to help me out."

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